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Happy New Year 2019- You Are Source of Happiness

Happy New Year 2019- You Are Source of Happiness

I would like to wish  you
so many things, but nothing
would be enough...
So I just wish you had many
desires. Great wishes!
And that they can move
you every minute, towards
your happiness.
Happy New Year

Beloved, the New Year is the propitious time to renew hope. So I want you to know that all my energy and all my prayers are carried by this feeling of hope in a better future, in relationships that transcend peace and harmony, in relationships made of pure love, just as it is this one that we live.I know that I will love you forever, but I write this message so that you may begin the year with this certainty, so that you may have this sincere testimony of love and trust.My dear, that this year that begins you reserve only good things and that before any difficulty you have strength to react. Always count on me and receive a very affectionate kiss.

Happy New Year! 2019

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