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Happy New Year 2019- In a few days

 Happy New Year 2019- In a few days

Happy New Year 2019 in a few days

In a few days, a New Year will arrive at this station.

If you cannot be the driver, be your funniest passenger.

Find a place near the window; enjoy each of the landscapes that the weather offers you, with the pleasure of those who make the first trip.

Do not be alarmed by the abysses, nor by the curves that do not let you see the paths that are to come.

Try to enjoy the journey of life, watching every bush, every creek, roadside and mutant landscape tones.

Unfold the map and plan road maps.

Pay attention to each stop point, and be aware of the starting whistle.

And when you decide to get off at the station where hope beckoned you do not hesitate.

Disembark in it your dreams...

I wish your trip for the next year, be first class.

Happy New Year!

When you look ahead and write a new chapter in your book, that's when the story really begins.
Happy New Year!
For you, I wish the dream come true. The expected love. Renewed hope.
For you, I want all the colors of this life. All the joys that make you smile. All the songs that can thrill.
For you this New Year, I wish that friends are more accomplices. May your family be more united? May your life be lived better?
May the coming year be a year of accomplishments, achievements, success and that love is always carried in every heart. Happy New Year! 2019
The wish for a happy New Year we all have, but making the New Year really happy, depends on the attitude of each of us.

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